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Restoring Upholstery in Yorkton

At Yorkton’s Parkland Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd, we’re passionate about helping our clients enjoy their furniture again. Our upholstery services come in very specific cleaning steps in order to restore even very delicate fabrics.


We’ll start by checking the furniture for the kind of fabric and the condition of the soiling. This inspection will help us know what treatments to use and if there are any particular stains that need attention.


We’ll remove any dry dirt, dust, and crumbs from the fabric.

Pre-spray, Pre-spot, Pre-agitate

By spraying our cleaning solution and working it into the upholstery, we’re able to loosen up dirt.

Rinse, Extract, Neutralize

Our extraction tool with help us flush the fabric to remove the now loosened soil. This also sanitizes your upholstery as well as deodorizes it. Our PH balanced treatment is then applied to avoid any sticky residue.

Post Spot Treatment

We’ll go over the fabric again and use a special spotting treatment if there are still some stains.

Dry Toweling & Speed Drying

We’ll first towel the fabric to get most of the moisture out. Next, we’ll use our air movers to speed up the drying process.

Post Grooming

We’ll use a grooming brush to set the fabric’s knap in a single direction so it looks nice and neat again.

Post Inspection

As our client, you always get to inspect our work after we’re finished. If you’re satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll have you sign the receipt.

Don’t wait – call today to set up your upholstery cleaning!

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