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Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips

At Parkland Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Ltd in Yorkton, we want you to feel confident when taking care of your carpet. Here are some helpful tips and tricks when cleaning your carpet at home. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ, look at our tips page or give us a call.

Be Careful with Cleaning Solutions

Never pour cleaning solutions directly onto your carpet, Oriental rug or drapery. Many commercial cleaners could actually set the stain or make it more noticeable instead of removing it. Never use a commercial cleaner you aren’t familiar with. If you have questions about which commercial product you need for your particular carpet, we can help you find a safe one.

Be Gentle

Whichever cleaner you use, apply it sparingly. Blotting the spot helps avoid setting the stain. If brushing is needed, then brush stains lightly to the centre of the spot to avoid spreading.

Keep Stains Moist

If you’ve schedule an immediate appointment with one of our cleaners, try to keep the stain moist until we can arrive.

Pet Odour

Be aware that pet odours might be hard to remove yourself even when the stain is gone due to the bacteria feeding on the urine and causing the smell. Luckily, Parkland Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Ltd has specialized training and professional equipment that can remove even tough pet smells.

Dry Quickly

You can speed up drying time by circulating the air. If possible, open a window slightly to let in fresh air.

Tread Carefully

Avoid walking on freshly cleaned carpet for at least four hours or until dry to the touch. Be careful when walking from a wet carpet to a base floor, since it can be slippery.

Keep Blocks On

If your carpet has been professionally cleaned, do not remove the foam block or other furniture protectors until the carpet is fully dry.


We suggest vacuuming once the carpet is dry. It’s also helpful to set a regular vacuuming schedule for yourself.

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